Side-by-Side (UTV) Features

  • ProStar 570 engine
  • 4-valve DOHC
  • 0 to 35mph in 4.0 seconds
  • Lightweight and durable transmission
  • Durable zinc front drive cage
  • Passenger grab bar tube
  • Roll-over protective structure

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ATV Features

  • 1 Ups & 2 Ups available
  • 4-Stroke engine
  • Electric fuel injected
  • Multi-function digital LCD gauge
  • Front/Rear cargo racks
  • Off-road tires
  • Automatic transmission
  • Four wheel drive
  • Can Am Outlander 570 or similar
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At Power Sports Rental Network, we understand that customers want the best UTV rentals available along with low rates, convenience, and flexibility. We offer all of this – and more. Our rental rates are affordable for the budget-conscious renter. Our physical location is only miles from the the most pristine lakes, trails, and parks in Wisconsin. We even offer a convenient delivery service to accommodate your busy schedule. Have a blast on the back roads with a reliable side-by-side. Request your reservation today or contact us at (920) 428-4111 to learn more about our services.

Wisconsin UTV Rental Discounts

Many Benefits of UTVs

A UTV offers much more flexibility compared to other recreational vehicles. For instance, our UTV rentals seat two people, which leaves room for one driver and one passenger. This makes father-and-son hunting or fishing trips an unbeatable experience. Pair up and ride through the trails with your gear in the cargo hold. No need for an attached trailer with a UTV. The back cargo area can hold most items required for any trip into the wilderness, including fishing poles, tackle boxes, and hunting equipment.

The UTVs at Power Sports Rental Network include many other benefits such as:

  • Popular brands that are lightweight and durable
  • Fast machines with a sporty and rugged design
  • Extra hauling space or room for one passenger

Family-Friendly Adventures

UTVs offer both novice and advanced riders the opportunity to explore the vast, rugged trails surrounding the many lakes and parks in Wisconsin. Enjoy the space as well as the speed — 0 to 35 mph in under 4 seconds — of one of the best UTVs on the market. Bring along a friend or family member to share in the adventure together.

More Than Side-by-Side Rentals

When you want the best, come to Power Sports Rental Network. In addition to UTVs, we also offer jet ski rentals, boat rentals, and snowmobile rentals. For more information about our services, request your reservation today or contact us at (920) 428-4111.

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