There are many different sites to see in Wisconsin. Big Foot Beach State Park may have a funny name, but it is an entertainment packed state park. Big Foot Beach State Park is located just a short drive from Madison, Wisconsin. The park features acres of recreational land and a Lake. No matter what you are interested in doing, Big Foot Beach State Park offers something fun for everyone!

Big Foot Beach State Park is a great place to spend a weekend camping in the fall. Whether you have a picnic or just stroll on a trail, you will be able to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. Big Foot Beach State Park features wooded campground sites and several hiking trails. The trails aren’t very long or rugged. They are a great choice for camping with elderly relatives or younger children. If you are interested in a longer trail, try The White River State Trail. It is just a short drive from Big Foot Beach State Park. The trail even allows snowmobile riding in the winter months. Just make sure to reserve a Wisconsin snowmobile rental from a facility before you arrive.

Big Foot Beach State Park has over 200 picnic tables, so you will never have to worry about finding a table. Campers can also play volleyball and horseshoe toss with Big Foot State Park’s free loan equipment. While at Big Foot Beach State Park, you can’t miss Lake Geneva. Campers can enjoy the last few warm days of fall with a Wisconsin jet ski rental on the lake. The lake also offers several great fishing spots to licensed fishers. Big Foot Beach State Park will even equip you with fishing gear for no charge!

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