Operating a vehicle of any sort can be dangerous – even something as fun as your WI snowmobile rental. That’s why it’s imperative that snowmobilers practice proper safety precautions when enjoying Wisconsin’s vast trail system. Today we have some safety tips to help make your next snowmobiling adventure as safe and stress-free as possible. Below are some safety tips from Power Sports Rental Network, the people to call when you’re in the market for a WI snowmobile rental. Safety in Numbers: When out on a snow-filled adventure, it’s important to stay with your group. If you were to run out of fuel or have an unfortunate accident, you’ll need your group there to help get you back home or call emergency personnel. Even the most experienced snowmobile operators shouldn’t stray from the pack. Never Drink and Ride: Just like with cars – drinking and driving a snowmobile is highly irresponsible. The guidelines for safely operating a motor vehicle don’t change just because you’re on the trails. Alcohol slows reaction time and contributes to a large number of snowmobile deaths each year. Don’t risk the lives of other snowmobilers or loved ones; save the drinks for when you make it back home. Proper Planning: Before setting out for your snowmobiling adventure, be certain you’re adequately prepared. Know the area you’ll be riding in so that you’ll be able to stay on marked trails and avoid riding over bodies of water. It’s also a smart idea to pack a first aid kit and extra gloves, hats, socks, and a charged cell phone in the event your group gets lost or someone gets hurt. Ready to hit the trails and be engulfed in the incomparable natural beauty that is winter in Wisconsin? Pick up the phone and contact Power Sports Rental Network at (920) 428-4111, and we’ll set you up with a premium WI snowmobile rental today.