We all know that jet skiing is incredibly fun and exhilarating, but did you know that it has health benefits, too? No one knows this better than our team at Power Sports Rental Network. Here are some of the ways that jet skiing is great for your mind and body.

#1. Burns Away Calories

Jet skiing is a fantastic calorie burner—and a fun one, too. A 150-pound jet skier can burn as much as 238 calories in just a half hour. We think that sounds a lot better than burning calories on a treadmill!

#2. Strengthens Muscles

When you’re maneuvering your jet ski over the water and keeping it stable, you’ll definitely work the muscles in your arms, legs, and abdominals.

Jet Skiing Health Benefits

#3. Tones Your Abs

As you balance yourself during jet skiing, your body will automatically use its core stability muscles. This works as a great muscle toner, since a lot of jet skiing is working a balance.

#4. It’s a Cardio Workout

There’s nothing like a good cardio workout—and jet skiing is a particularly fun way to do it. No matter if it’s your first time on a jet ski or you’re an old pro, you’ll get a cardio workout on the water. This will increase your blood flow and help remove waste from your body, as well as give more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues.

#5. Relieves Stress

Jet skiing is a sport that works as a perfect stress reliever since riders tend to forget their issues while skimming over the waves. It requires focus and concentration, which will get you out of your head, and the simple act of being outside in the sun works wonders in itself. Doesn’t all this sound great? Why not have some fun, do your body some good, and get on the water soon? Power Sports Rental Network specializes in jet ski rentals and more in WI. Why not contact us at (920) 428-4111 and reserve your jet ski rental today? Photo Credit: lenews.ch