Shrouded beneath the mysterious and adventurous waters of Lake Geneva are many hidden secrets. In Wisconsin’s second deepest lake rests a sunken ship near Black Point and the mysterious energy that gave birth to the infamous and imaginative game Dungeons and Dragons. Though the magic experienced is unique, there is one thing for certain: catching a fish in front of loved ones can be a beloved memory, leading to years of bragging rights and embellished stories. However, every great adventure needs a superior vessel. For an array of excellent boat rentals, contact Power Sports Rental Network at (920) 428-4111. Underneath the calm waters of Lake Geneva rests sunken vessels like the Majestic and the Lucius Newberry. These hulls, however, are not void but filled with a cornucopia of wildlife. Lake Geneva measures around 5,401 acres and is known to be full of fish such as Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Walleye. Listed below are a few tips on how and where to fish when visiting Lake Geneva: Fishing Stories at Lake Geneva

Know when to Fish

The fish population changes with the seasons as well as the time of the day. For example, walleye is a fish known to be active during summer nights whereas bass tends to peak around the later fall months. Bad weather can ruin your day, but skilled fishermen work with a windy day and follow the drifts and the tides as plant life gets shuffled around. A fish only has one thing on its mind- eating. Baitfish normally gather near weeds and sunken structures to snack on algae and other plant life, so you can expect larger fish to be circling these areas as well. Old fishing stories are retold over generations because of the fond memories they trigger and the bond that they create. For Wisconsin’s most trusted boat rentals, call Power Sports Rental Network at (920) 428-4111, or contact us online! Photo credit: