If you’re looking for a leisurely destination to visit on your WI road trip, we have just the place for you. The Geneva Lake Shore Path has been a signature Wisconsin/Illinois vacation spot for over a hundred years and has a history of attracting visitors from all walks of life. Lake Geneva has long been a haven for the fabulously well-to-do of the Midwest. Famously wealthy families like the Wrigleys and Rockefellers had houses on the lake. The evidence of this turn-of-the- century, American aristocracy is easy to see on the lake in your WI boat rental from Power Sports Rental Network. Hop out of your boat rental for a bit and take a walk along the twenty-mile, lake shorepath. You’ll have the chance to take a glimpse at opulent mansions constructed over a century ago mixed in with more current mansions. This juxtaposition of wealth over the decades makes for endless conversation topics and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. A notable highlight along the walk is the Expect a Miracle mansion. This monumental building is home to Carolyn Gable, who has lined her portion of the walk with a white-picket fence painted with inspirational messages. There’s even a “miracle bell” to ring, like a wishing well that doesn’t require your precious pennies in exchange for a wish. Besides enormous mansions to ogle, there’s plenty to do out on the water of Geneva Lake. Take your boat or Lake Geneva Jet Ski rental from Power Sports Rental Network, and make your own rich experiences on the lake. We want to make sure you have a safe and fun time on the water, so contact Power Sports Rental Network today at 920-428-4111 and let us help make your next Wisconsin vacation a memorable one.