Snowmobiling in Wisconsin is the perfect way to make some fun memories this winter. As you start to plan your weekend getaway through the extensive trail systems in the state, let our staff at Power Sports Rental Network share a few of our favorite tips and tricks. So, even if it’s your first time, you’re sure to have a blast on your snowmobile rental.

Snowmobiling for Beginners

Choose the Right Gear

A good set of winter clothing is essential for comfort and added safety. While any quality winter clothing that keeps out the wind and rain is a good place to start, you will want gear that is specially designed for use on a snowmobile. As a rule, snowmobile gear should be a tougher version of standard winter wear. Be sure to include boots, snowmobile gloves, a helmet with face coverage, and goggles.

In addition to the gear you will wear, you also need to plan for things you may need in an emergency. As much fun as snowmobiling is, the nature of the activity places you in a less than hospitable environment. With icy temperatures and a long way from help if you have any complications on the trail, it’s important to be prepared. Start with the basics: pack a first-aid kit and know how to start a fire, just in case.

Choose the Right Trail

You can find a number of trail systems throughout Wisconsin, but a few favorites include:

  • Brown County
  • Shawano County
  • Waupaca County
Be sure to also check out current trail conditions before heading out, and ask our friendly staff for more recommendations. 

Choose the Right Rental

Power Sports Rental Network provides snowmobile rentals to customers throughout Wisconsin. No matter where you decide to ride, we can be sure you have a snowmobile waiting for you. We have both one- and two-passenger snowmobiles with plenty of power and traction for riding the trails.

Ready to reserve your snowmobile rental and start planning your weekend away? Contact Power Sports Rental Network today at (920) 428-4111. We would be glad to tell you about our rental options and reserve a snowmobile just for you.