Lake Geneva Boat Rental With this year’s extended winter weather, summer just can’t get here fast enough! Whether you’re planning a graduation trip for your child or a bachelor party for a friend, Lake Geneva has something to offer every visitor in these upcoming warm months. Plan ahead for your summer getaway with these travel tips courtesy of Power Sports Rental Network.

Choose Your Adventure

The most important aspect of every vacation is to make sure it’s packed with entertainment. Lake Geneva is a hub for outdoor activities, and we at Power Sports Rental Network specialize in providing the ultimate water-sport rentals. With our boat rentals, you can see more of the lake than if you were stuck at the store. Enjoy a day of tubing or try your hand at fishing. If you have the need for speed, try our jet ski rentals! For both our boat and jet ski rentals, we offer towing options where we provide the trailer, and you get the convenience of taking your watercraft to Lake Geneva.

Plan Your Lodging

While selecting outdoor activities is a vital part of planning a vacation to Lake Geneva, it’s also important to plan your lodging accommodations ahead of time. If looking for quality places to stay, check out the backwoods cottages at Cottages on Serenity Lake or the luxurious Fox Hills Resort. Contact us at (920) 428-4111 for more information about local lodging options.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Summer may still seem far away now, but if you act fast and plan your trip to Lake Geneva now, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is all set. You’ll also have time to budget your trip and save up for activities like renting a boat or jet ski. Check out Power Sports Rental Network’s current specials for coupons. Request your reservation online, or call us at (920) 428-4111 today!
Photo credit: Indy Kethdy Tranquil Evening via photopin (license)