No matter the activity, the food provided can make or break an otherwise great day. Renting a boat for a day out on Lake Geneva is no different. Packing the right lunch and snacks is almost as important as bringing your swim suit! At Power Sports Rental Network, we never underestimate the value of good food, so we’ve put together this list of the best boat food to bring along on your next lake day.

Packing the Best Boat Foods


Sandwiches are a classic choice for any packed lunch, and for good reason. It’s easy to make them as simple or fancy as you want, and generally, they will stay fresh and delicious in the cooler until you’re ready for them. Set aside a half an hour on the morning of your boat trip to whip up a pile of your favorite sandwiches and plan to make a few extra for your hungry boat mates. Whether you choose a basic PB&J or you’re more of a club sandwich type of family, you won’t be sorry you put in the effort.

Individual Chopped Salads

Chopped salads in individual cups are about as simple and convenient as it gets. Simply make a large bowl of salad and then fill up some cups or containers with lids to toss in the cooler. This is a healthy and mess-free option that will provide some much needed nourishment during a long, hot day on the water. Use one of your favorite salad recipes, or try out something new and exciting.

Snacks and Sides

If you’re planning a full day out on the lake, your crew will thank you for packing more than enough snacks and sides. You may feel like you’re going overboard, but it’s not hard to work up an appetite on the water. Try to pack a mix of healthy and fun snacks that will keep you feeling full. We like to pack a variety of nuts, cheeses, cut up fruits and vegetables, as well as the old favorites – chips, crackers, and cookies. Just remember that convenience is key, so try to make everything ready-to-eat without much effort.

Spending a full day on the water is exhausting, so fight the boating fatigue by packing plenty of great foods. Contact Power Sports Rental Network today at (920) 428-4111 for all of your boat rental needs in Wisconsin.