Wisconsin’s largest lake is Lake Winnebago, and it’s surrounded by High Cliff State Park. The state park received its name from the limestone cliff of the Niagara Escarpment, which can be found along the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago. Since it’s located only an hour and a half away from Madison, WI, High Cliff State Park is a great destination for those with jet ski rentals or ATV rentals.

Visiting the Park

When you arrive at High Cliff State Park, you’ll find lots of family campgrounds, playgrounds, and hiking trails. You and your family can rent bikes to take on all park roads, the horse trail, and Red Bird Trail. These trails are open from May through November. If you have a jet ski rental, you can use one of the public launch areas to access the lake and start having fun on the water. Fishing tackle is available in the park office if you’d like to try your hand at casting a line. If you visit High Cliff State Park in the snowy winter months, you’ll still have lots to do. Check out Red Bird Trail if you’re interested in cross country skiing. This trail is specially groomed for traditional skiing and is perfect for beginners of all ages. Snowmobiling is another great way to experience Wisconsin’s winter wonderland. Check out the park’s three-mile trail with your snowmobile rental: a trail that connects Lake Winnebago with Calumet County. Snowshoeing can also be fun and is permitted anywhere except on the ski trail. Snowshoes are available for rent at the park office. High Cliff State Park offers a man-made attraction in addition to its many natural wonders. The twelve-foot statue of Winnebago Indian Chief Red Bird overlooks the lake. Chief Red Bird was involved in the Winnebago War in 1827, when he was believed to be the ringleader of an uprising against miners occupying Native American land. No matter when you travel to Wisconsin, you can be sure the scenery will be beautiful. Whether you visit in the winter for snowmobiling or in the fall with your ATV rental, you’ll definitely have a great time. We at Power Sports Rental Network are proud to provide high-quality snowmobile rentals, jet ski rentals, ATV rentals, boat rentals, and more to customers all over Wisconsin. Contact us today at (920) 428-4111 to make a reservation.