Looking for some epic family fun this summer in Wisconsin? Then a boat rental on Lake Geneva is the perfect choice. Load up your family and friends and explore the water, or take it up a notch with some tubing. If this is your first time considering a boat rental, you may be wondering what is best to bring along with your crew. Have no fear! The team at Power Sports Rental Network has a few suggestions.

5 Items to Pack for Your Lake Geneva Boat Rental

Hydrating Drinks

Spending all day out in the sun while playing in the water can dehydrate you fast. So don’t just pack sodas and other fun drinks. Be sure to bring along some bottles of water or sports drinks to keep your entire group hydrated and feeling good.

Food and Snacks

When you’re out on the water having a great time, you won’t want the fun to end. Having to leave the lake to get food can waste precious hours that could be spent keeping the fun going. Take some easy finger foods, like sandwiches or veggies, to munch while floating around the lake.

Sun Protection

This one is very important. Out on the open water, a sunburn is a real threat, even on a cloudy day. This is especially true for young children. Be sure to bring sunscreen, umbrellas, or swim shirts to protect your loved ones from the sun’s rays.

Extra Towels

Of course, fun on the water would suggest bringing towels, but it’s still worth mentioning. Drying off a lot as you come in and out of the water can go through towels quickly and it’s nice to have some dry backups. Towels can also be used as a makeshift blanket as the day cools off.

Good Tunes

Bringing along a source to play your music is a great idea. Blasting your favorite songs while cruising the water is a great feeling. Your Spotify account and a decent waterproof Bluetooth speaker would be perfect.

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