Winter in Wisconsin means it’s finally snowmobile season! Whether you’re a WI resident or visiting this great state, snowmobiling is one of the best ways to take advantage of snowy days. We at Power Sports Rental Network provide snowmobile rentals throughout Wisconsin, and we want to point out three snowmobile trails you may want to experience this winter.

1. Brown County

In Brown County, Wisconsin, you can enjoy over 200 miles of different snowmobile trails. The trails in Brown County are divided into six zones, many of which connect with or cross each other. You can find many parking areas near trailheads, so you can choose a trail most convenient for you to unload your snowmobile rental.

2. Shawano County

You can certainly have a ton of snowmobile rental fun on almost 400 miles of trails in Shawano County! Snowmobiling clubs throughout this area, along with local landowners, work hard to keep snowmobile trails groomed and safe for riders. Providing that the trails are open, you can ride your snowmobile rental in Shawano County from dawn to dusk.

3. Waupaca County

Waupaca County has eight different snowmobile trail zones, with over 371 miles of groomed trails. Note that trails within Waupaca County are created on private land, courtesy of Wisconsin residents. Therefore, keeping your snowmobile rental on the marked trails is important in order to avoid trespassing. With all WI snowmobiling trails, be sure to check trail conditions online or call county authorities in advance to see whether the trail is open. Winter weather in Wisconsin is variable, and snowmobile trails may need to close for safety reasons. We at Power Sports Rental Network provide snowmobile rentals to all parts of Wisconsin—whether you choose one of these trails or one in another area. We have both one- and two-passenger snowmobile rental options, with varying rental rates. To book a WI snowmobile rental, contact Power Sports Rental Network by calling (920) 428-4111.