If there is one thing that’s irresistible, it’s hopping onto the seat of a UTV for the first time. Popular with people of all ages, riding a UTV can provide a sense of rarely-experienced freedom. However, while it looks easy, it takes plenty of practice to master riding a UTV in a safe manner. Therefore, for first-time riders, our team at Power Sports Rental Network has put together a few helpful hints to take into account before you give it the gas and take off.

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1. Properly Inflate the Tires

When riding a UTV through through the woods, riders are likely to experience a number of bumps and dips along the way. To keep these to a minimum, riders should always make sure they have inflated the tires of the UTV to the proper tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. In some instances, it may even be better to have the tires a bit under-inflated. By doing this, the tires can better dig into the terrain, enabling them to absorb more of the impact.

2. Wear the Proper Equipment

When it comes time to mount their UTV, many riders don’t realize just how bumpy a ride it will be. Because of this, it’s always important to wear the proper equipment so you can enjoy a fun day on the trail, instead of sitting on the sidelines nursing various bumps and bruises. Our team recommends wearing a helmet, goggles, gloves, riding boots, a chest protector, and knee and back braces.

3. Take It Easy

Like anyone sitting on a powerful piece of equipment for the first time, many riders have the desire to hit the throttle and speed off as fast as they can. However, with that approach, chances are they’ll end up either lying on their backs while staring up at the clouds, or up-close-and-personal with the nearest tree. Therefore, when renting a UTV for the first time, take your thumb off the throttle and learn how to control your need for speed.

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