Boating can be a blast, but the price for that fun can be high. Fortunately, if buying a boat is a financial stretch for you — or simply too large a commitment — a solution exists: a boat rental from Power Sports Rental Network in Appleton, WI. Here are a few points in favor of renting instead of buying your next boat.

Rent a Boat

1. Owning a Boat Is Expensive

Perhaps the most obvious reason to rent instead of buy is that the upfront costs of boat ownership are generally pretty high. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of boat you desire. In addition to the cost of the actual boat, there are numerous other fees to consider when you own a boat. You will need insurance on the boat, a place to store the boat, and you will need to purchase and license a boat trailer.

2. Boat Maintenance

If you weren’t daunted by the upfront costs of owning a boat, consider next the cost of maintaining one. Everything is more expensive for a boat because it is generally out in the elements all of the time. The materials used to build a boat must be resistant to salt water and constant exposure, which means they are more expensive. Whether your boat is sitting in a marina or in your backyard, the elements will take their toll and require consistent cleaning and inspection. However, when you rent a boat, none of the maintenance or storage is your responsibility.

3. Easier Travel

Planning a road trip is tricky enough without worrying about how you will tow your boat behind you. You might not be able to drive the family car, rest stops and gas stations become more complicated, and, when you get to your destination, you still have to worry about launching the boat. At Power Sports Rental Network, you can either tow our boats to any lake in the state, or we will deliver and launch them for you. We will take care of the work so you can have all the fun.

Have we convinced you? Enjoy boating without the cost and commitment of ownership with a boat rental from Power Sports Rental Network. Request your reservation today or contact us at (920) 428-4111 for more details.