Lake Geneva is famous for zip line adventure parks and a myriad of green golf courses, but the most popular pastime is boating. Tourists and natives alike cannot resist the call of Lake Geneva’s calm waters. Power Sports Rental Network offers high-quality boat rentals and other state-of-the-art aquatic vehicles. To learn more about our watersports rentals, call (920)428-4111, or contact us online Rental Speed Boat Fun Lake Geneva attracts people to her waters all year. For this reason, the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency conducts several studies where they measure not only the harmful bacterial levels but the amounts of algae and other aquatic life. Though these microscopic pathogens might get you sick, there are other (more unpredictable) dangers that face you when riding a boat.

The Weather

Bad weather can ruin your trip. During severe winds, Lake Geneva has been known to produce waves as high as five feet. The gust from a storm can create very choppy waters which could cause someone to fall out of the boat or for it to capsize.

Safety Supplies

In case of an accident, you want to be prepared. Never sacrifice safety for vanity, and be sure to wear a life jacket. The waters can be rough even for the best swimmers. Boat safety kits are generally stocked with flashlights, ropes, horns, flare guns, and various first aid objects.

Your Responsibility

We know that sipping a beer on your boat sounds heavenly, but just like a car, you are operating a heavy machine. We suggest that drivers stay alert and focus on the safety of their party. Drivers are also expected to understand navigational material and signage to ensure an overall safe trip. With a better understanding of water safety, you can get the most out of your rental. It is essential that you take a boat safety course prior to renting one of our powerful watercrafts. The safety of you and your family is important to us. Call the Power Sports Rental Network at (920) 428-4111 with any questions, or check out our policies online.